Yoga and holistic practices

We believe that yoga and holistic practices are extremely beneficial during the formative years. For this reason we welcome participants as young as 12. We like to encourage parent and child to practise together. However, should you wish your child to join without an adult, then we’ll ask you to sign a parental consent form. Please contact us to request one.

**** A reduced online timetable runs in July & August ****


Our yoga classes include Asana, breath awareness and relaxation. We offer convenient 45-minute (Early Riser Yoga) and 60-minute sessions. Our motto is to practise little but often!

Why not start your day with an early morning class or join us for a relaxing evening class?

We offer two different levels of abilities: mixed abilities and intermediate. Our mixed abilities classes are suitable for everyone regardless of previous experience or lack of it. Our intermediate yoga classes are more vigorous and are suitable for seasoned practitioners with a minimum of 3 years’ of regular practice.

Please familiarise yourself with the hints for practice leaflet before joining a class.

Holistic practices or Stress Busting Sessions (all 30-minute sessions):

  • Chair/desk stretching

All our chair/desk stretching sessions are accessible to everyone. The sessions are suitable if you have mobility issues, are elderly, convalescing or are on a wheelchair.

There is no need for lots of space or fancy equipment, just a simple chair (preferably with no armrests and, if possible, with a low back).

You’ll be surprised at how much can be done from sitting on a chair!

Once you become familiar with the stretches, we encourage you to integrate them into your everyday life and keep stress and aches at bay!

  • Guided Relaxation / Mindfulness

We offer a Guided Relaxation on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month and a Mindfulness class on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month to help you let go of all the physical and mental tension and the stress accumulated during the day. Both Relaxation and Mindfulness are powerful stress-busting pratices and a great way to end your day. They will also facilitate a good night’s sleep.

Pre-recorded videos

We also have a selection of pre-recorded videos, all by Mara Musso. Please find out more by visiting our library.

In-person yoga classes

If you prefer in-person yoga classes please see Classes (