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Well-being in the workplace

We all know that sitting at your desk all day is not helpful. The body is designed to move regularly. Regular breaks during the day are the most important thing that a company can do to ensure their employees’ physical and mental well-being.  Ask yourself the following:

1. Does your company put the well-being of your staff at the heart of what you offer?

2. Are your employees suffering with stress and stress-related conditions?

3. Would you like to create a happier and healthier working environment?

4. Are your employees tired, demotivated or simply lack focus and concentration?

5. Would you like to boost performance, productivity and reduce absenteeism?

According to the 2021 CIPD survey, musculoskeletal injuries are the second main cause of both short and long term absence. While mental health is the top cause of long term absence.

The IGNITE & IGNITE+ Wellness Programme

Mara Musso, Founder and Director at Holistic View, and Laurence Nicholson, global-award winning Corporate Mental Health Educator from BurnoutHacker.com have joined forces and have launched the IGNITE & IGNITE+ Wellness Programme.

The IGNITE Programme is a unique, truly holistic approach to combatting stress in the workplace, and is designed for small to medium sized companies. IGNITE consists of a tailored combination of desk stretching, breathing and mindfulness which helps keep stress at bay.

Although IGNITE can be taken on its own, we strongly recommend that it is taken in conjunction with IGNITE+, which is an educational programme on how your brain works, and how to structure your activities to keep it fresh and operating at peak performance. You can find out more about IGNITE+ here.

Please watch this cartoon video to find out more or read our blog (with a podcast option).

For further details or if you’d like to invest in the programme please contact Mara or complete the enquiry form here.


The testimonials are from small, London-based companies who started using our yoga and wellbeing services during the pandemic.

‘Mara has been providing consistent yoga sessions for us over the past year. In recent months we have also received breathing/mindfulness and sun salutation sessions. These sessions have helped our staff to take a moment of uninterrupted focus on their physical and mental well-being, which has been invaluable in the past year. Mara has a calm, soothing manner and makes everyone feel comfortable. We found her classes particularly helpful during lockdown when all of our staff worked from home. However, we are very pleased to be continuing these sessions as we have found them beneficial. We believe that mindfulness is something that ought to be maintained.’ Harriet Henderson, Project Manager 

‘Our team really enjoy Mara’s yoga classes as a way to unwind. focus and look after both physical and mental health. The classes work well over Zoom and Mara is very patient and adaptable to the needs of each individual.’ Sophie, Studio Manager, MLA