1. Wear loose, comfortable clothes, avoid jewellery, belts, spectacles, anything confining. Please remove your socks to practise in bare feet when prompted by the teacher.
  2. Have a non-slip yoga or exercise mat and clear the space all around you. You can improvise useful props with big books or catalogues, folded blankets and towels, belts, scarves, bolsters, cushions, and pillows. Have them handy. Alternatively, you can purchase props from our shop. You’ll need a simple chair with no arm rests and ideally a low back for chair/desk stretching.
  3. Please practice with an empty stomach (allow 4 hours to elapse after a main meal and 2 hours after a snack), with an empty bladder and, when possible, empty bowels.
  4. The practice is non-competitive: work within your limits. Never hurry or strain. Keep your concentration focussed on what you are doing. If you need to stop or come out of a pose before the teacher says so, please listen to your body and come out. Rest whenever you need to.
  5. If you have any illness or condition which causes doubts as to whether you should practise, check with your doctor first and inform us. Please remember to inform Holistic View promptly if you develop any new conditions or become pregnant. This is because some exercises have contra-indications.
  6. Pregnancy: practice may continue throughout, provided all is well. If there has been a previous miscarriage, medical advice should be sought before continuing the practice. You may also consider attending prenatal classes as these are more suited at this time.
  7. Lessons on Zoom start on time and finish on time. Each lesson will open 5 minutes ahead of schedule. If there is anything you wish to discuss with the teacher, please tune in 5 minutes before the class starts or email us 24 hours’ ahead of the class you intend to join. If you are 10 minutes or more late, you may not be allowed to join.
  8. We kindly ask all our students to have the camera on during the class and to place your device so that the teacher will be able to see you on your mat. You can adjust the screen during the class if you need to (e.g. when moving from sitting to standing). Should you consistently refuse to turn your camera on, we may decide that it is not safe for you to join our classes.
  9. We suggest you select ‘speaker view’ which will give you a big picture of the teacher and smaller pictures of other students to the side of the screen.
  10. The teacher will mute all students at the start of the class. If you need to speak to the teacher you can temporarily unmute yourself by holding down the space bar. Please unmute yourself at the end of the class if you wish to speak.
  11. Please do not screen shot, photograph, record or share to social media any images or clips from the online classes.